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Canada Customs Clearance

Canada Customs clearing service – we have direct connectivity with CBSA at all Canadian ports of entry. Fully bonded to clear goods at all Canadian entry locations.

Full-service does not have to be pricy – starting from $29
  • Clear shipment quickly and seamlessly
  • Pay Least Legally Possible Duties®
  • Have confident you are 100% Canada Customs compliant


Precision Customs – we have skills, experience, and resources to help Canadian importers and exporters have peace of mind that they are 100% customs compliant and paying Least Legally Possible Duties®.

We go an extra mile - beyond just clearing

We audit each and every clearing entry for accuracy in data submitted to Canada Customs within five days of submission.

Valuation – Value For Duty is the computation of the imported goods value. We make sure that all the legally allowed deductions and if any additions are taken into account. So that correct amount of duties and taxes are paid.

We make sure if there is any Free Trade Agreement is applicable. If yes, then are there proper documentation received at the time of entry. If not, then we do our best to contact the importer or the supplier/vendor to arrange FTA certificate so that the duty payable can be reduced or eliminated.

Within 30 days of clearing. Any descrepancies are brought to our attention by the importer we promptly submit the correction at NO-CHARGE ($40 value).

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Precision Customs are our customs broker for all of our shipment clearing. Our import shipments were never delayed in the clearing, even before our goods reach the border. We are very satisfied with the clearing service received.

Ehsan Qamar
President, Fastrack Graphics Inc.

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Canadian importers, we are CBSA licensed Canada Customs Broker, bonded to clear goods at all Canadian ports of entry, with 20 years of industry experience. Our major difference, first, we are Canada Customs duty-recovery and compliance specialists. Instantly, bringing you peace of mind that you are 100% customs compliant and paying Least Legally Possible Duties!

  • CBSA licensed Canada Customs Broker
  • Bonded and certified to clear goods at all CND ports
  • Lower your imported goods landed cost
  • We are Canada Customs professionals with 20 years of experience